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The Start:

L&LCo was established in May of 2019 when we decided to push forward with our goals. After starting locally through selling online and at farmers markets, we decided we wanted to open a store. 

Through covid, we operated in King of Prussia, however in 2021, we decided we wanted to push locally and expand, so in July 2022, our Pottsville Headquarters and store opened. The new store has a retail space, as well as "Mad lab" where we make our products and teach classes!

The Namesake & Branding

The company namesake comes from our bernese mountain dogs Loki Wolfgang Von Cuddles and Layla "Rayra" and the rest is history. Each Dog breed is assigned a scent off of some characteristic, humor or history of the breed, and $1 of each candle sold is donated to dog charity. Unfortunately, we lost Layla in January, 2020.

The GET SOME Military inspired line is a tongue-in-cheek approach to "man-candles" and military life. Some candles, like "WTF" are just military humor, while others like "Miss Saigon" have a deeper meaning connected with a specific memory for us or a customer who asked for it. $1 of each candle sold is donated to ending veteran suicide or helping with veteran support. 

A Candle Has No Name was created because at the end of the day, we are both nerds.  Each candle references some form of pop culture, typically rooted in horror or cartoons we loved to watch. $1 of each candle sold is donated to bat conservation. 

Runic Apothecary is traditional methods of skincare taken from various cultures across the world. The name and brand was created in memory of Joe's late uncle John, who was a major influence to him.  Each rune is actually a viking rune, and each product type is assigned a different rune. A charity has not been assigned to this brand yet.

Angel's Petcare is the latest rebranding in the family. Angel's petcare is a holistic approach to natural products used on your dog. The line was named after Angel "Crip dip" who we lost December 21, 2021. 


Who we are

Loki & Layla Candle Company is owned and operated by Joe Barnes and Ashley Michel. We have spent countless hours curating the perfect recipes we offer, and even more hours using said products.  We make the products intended for our use, and then offer it to you.  If you see Loki & Layla at market, store or online, chances are it will be one of us, so stop and say hi!

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